Audit France

The general principles applied by our firm for full financial audit engagements include:
- compliance with the practices of CNCC (French IFAC member)
- requirement for a general understanding of the nature of the company’s business transactions
- investigation of the adequacy of the company’s system of internal controls
- check compliance with generally accepted accounting principles
- search the presence of material errors in the data
- long form report to the directors summarizing findings

Our firm can perform agreed upon procedures including the following:
- limited review
- purchase audit
- due diligence financial review before mergers, acquisitions or strategic alliances
- investigative accounting and litigation support
- audit of accounting and administrative function
- compliance with corporate governance regulations

Pierre KRO, managing partner of the firm, is registered at the Compagnie des commissaires aux comptes of Paris (the French organisation of legal auditors) under N°66004039. He can be appointed as legal statutory auditor of limited companies in compliance with the French law.

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